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Häberli con la mesa «Hyperbolic» para BD Barcelona (2011)

Häberli con la mesa "Hyperbolic" para BD Barcelona (2011)

Alfredo Häberli’s felicitous collaboration with BD began ten years ago with a furniture collection —Happy Hours— centred on the theme of the bar, inviting its users to optimism. His special sense of humour —and his great talent as a designer, which improves with the passage of time, as does good wine— became evident also in the later project for Swiss banks, a collection of public seating with the virtue of offering an bonus function or something extra: “that added value which I always try to find when I develop my ideas”. The new Hyperbolic table also has this added value. Not just one, but several. It is conceived as a sculpture in organic forms; the central pedestal strengthens its functionality; it is abstract and neutral, so that it can combine well with all kinds of chairs; and its triangular shape has a virtue which large size tables usually lack; in that it allows for eight people to be seated comfortably and encourages intimacy when there are only two. The surprise is below the glass, in the shape of the inner surface “which produces the visual and surprising effect of a bottomless well”. It is mono-material and mono-colour. Made in fibre with a brilliant lacquered finish.

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